Our Mission

Dton Naam Ministries offers boys and transgender sex workers the opportunity to leave prostitution and helps them to rebuild their lives holistically by providing education, healthcare, counseling, and vocational skills training.

Our Focus

Through authentic relationships, we facilitate a radical encounter with Jesus,  giving these boys the freedom to positively impact society and pursue  their personal dreams and achievements.


Build trust and friendship with male and transgender individuals working in the red-light district and continue prevention outreach with young boys in the slum areas that are already being labelled by family and/or peers to become ladyboys.


Invite ladyboys to join our program through an application/interview process.  Provide access to counselors and social workers, education, and a healthy, loving environment in which to thrive.

Encounter Jesus

First and foremost, we seek to create an environment where our students can encounter Jesus.  Educate them learn healthy boundaries with others and receive healing from their abuse, exploitation, and devaluing.  Walk alongside them, giving space for the Holy Spirit to bring about healing to their gender and sexuality.


Help our students find legitimate jobs where each can be successful and enjoy their work.  Help them finish their education, identify meaningful long-term employment, and assist them in reaching their goals.

Support the Mission

Your generosity allows us to continue in our mission.

Join Our Team

Dton Naam staff are committed to serving and being in community with at-risk boys and transgender sex workers based in Bangkok, Thailand.  As you learn about Dton Naam on our website, are introduced to us through friends, or read about us in a publication, you may feel a connection to our mission and the work that we are doing.  If you have a heart for serving this marginalized population, we would love to hear from you.